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Victoria Belyaeva
Teacher of English and German
English teacher
Director of Studies
Translator at "Marriage Agency"
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«I am an optimist; therefore always see the glass half full.»

Vika is a charming and always friendly, responsible teacher and just a wonderful person. Combines favorite work and family care. Since appearing in the club, Sun Rise has proven to be a responsible, active person with a positive attitude. Victoria works with corporate groups, specializing in preparing for the TOEFL exam and working with high levels. He can always find an approach to each student, clearly structured classes and achieves high student returns. At the moment, Victoria holds the position of SR club methodologist, works with the teachers of our club, inspires and guides!

KhNPU named after G.S. Skovorody. Bachelor, teacher of English and German - 2008
KhNPU named after G.S. Skovorody. Master, teacher of English language and literature - 2009
Since 2009 experience working with individual students
Translator at "Marriage Agency"
2011-2012 SR Teacher Training Course “Communicative Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages”
2014 - SR TOEFL Teaching Course
2014 Director of Studies. Sun Rise language club
Questions and answers
What do you like? What do you like to do in your free time?

There are many interesting hobbies, but, unfortunately, there is always little time for their implementation. I am fond of sports, in particular fitness, I like to be in shape both in winter and summer 🙂 One of my interests is traveling with my family. I love flying on an airplane, and the farther the better. I received some of the most unforgettable impressions when I visited Vietnam, the UAE. It seems to me that if I had a second life, I would have spent it in Dubai. But there is no Sun Rise there, so there is no point in living there either :). I love ski resorts and I want to think that I’m almost a pro in this field :). I try to devote free time to my daughter — my daily joyful ray.

Why do you like teaching? What are the features of your teaching?

As far as I can remember, the role of a teacher has been for me «cup of tea» since childhood. Why do I say «role» because the teacher is always a creative person, equated to actors, writers, artists. Giving people knowledge, you always have the opportunity to discover something new and informative for yourself, to develop and receive inspiration to create interesting ideas and thoughts. I try to create a friendly and positive atmosphere of the lesson, I believe that a good mood and a teacher’s smile is a guarantee that students will perceive the material easily and naturally, and the return expressed in knowledge will be of high quality.

What are you striving for now? What plans do you have for the future?

Honestly, there is always something to strive for, and at the moment, development in teaching and all its components occupies the main place. I really want to start practicing Latin dances, master skates, snowboarding and riding a bicycle or a car, which I still cannot do.

Do you have a dream?

I have a dream to go live in London for a while and practice my English among the English :). I do not leave a desire to look at my anguish … Victoria Falls, take a picture and, of course, put it on instagram! 🙂

What is your motto in life or the motivational slogan that you are guided by now?

“I am an optimist; therefore always see the glass half full.”

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Hi, my name is Victoria, for me there were many discoveries in the learning process, and I hope that there will be more.

Friends, your opinion is important to us, leave a review

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