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04.02.2020 - 15.02.2020
Ukraine, Kharkov region, g. Chuguev, st. Michurina 8

New Year is a wonderful holiday! Gives us not only gifts, but also the joy of expectation 🙂 At our school, we made it a rule to organize the Secret Santa game, the aim of which is to anonymous exchange of gifts. To be able to give a gift and receive it, is this not a reason for joy and good mood?


For several days in a row, music and laughter are heard at school, because All our students play, despite the fact that they study on different days. Everyone who wants to participate brings their own gift, and in the breaks between classes, students are transformed into Secret Santas. Participants pull on a piece of paper with a gift number and after a joint New Year’s song, an exchange ceremony takes place in which people don’t know who and what will give them. Sometimes very pleasant surprises happen that remain in your memory for a lifetime!


By the way, in the west, large portals and forums (like Reddit) annually hold this game with the participation of several stars who act as Secret Santa. Users vote for those who they like, and as a result, only a few lucky ones have luck smiling: celebrities send gifts to them in the mail. Participants included Bill Gates, Shaquille O’Neill, Will Wheaton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others.


If you have not played Secret Santa before, now is the time to make an agreement with friends, colleagues or become a student of our school :). Happy New Year!

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